Fundraising Ideas!



Are you under 18 years old and want to volunteer?
Please help us by raising $$ for medical care and food for the animals.




Have a bake sale.


Have a car wash.


Sell items such as cards, wrapping paper, plants, candy, cheese cake, cookie dough, etc…


Couch potato contest- This you would need permission from the school.

Do this for every football game during the season. You raffle for 2 seats on a couch, $1 each. The couch would be on the fields sideline. (We have a couch you can use.) This will include pizza and soda.


Dress down day, pajama day and etc.


Have a Walk-a-Thon and get sponsors. (This you can do around your track.)


Hold a Mini-Golf tournament.


Visit our Events web page to see if there is an event that you and your parents would be interested in attending.




Thank you!     Thank you!     Thank You!