Help us by giving your time!

You must be 18 years old or older to volunteer for these postions!

If you are under 18, please help us pay for our medical expenses.  Click here for fundraising ideas.


Temporary Foster Home for Kittens/Cats or Puppies/Dogs

We need help with the care and housing of animals between the time of rescue and being adopted.

The animals will learn socialization skills while you are providing love and attention.  Duties may include:

  • fostering half-starved strays needing to gain weight
  • fostering sick cats/dogs that need to be quarantined
  • caring for animals that have had surgery
  • caring for kittens that need bottle feeding or mother cats with kittens until weaned/mother dogs with litters of pups until weaned


Adoption Center Associates

    *** the minimum age for this position is 18 years old (under 18 allowed at our facility at 1594 Lakewood Road, (Route 9) Toms River, NJ with parental supervision).

Assist in the Brick Petsmart adoption center (Brick Plaza) by:

  • Cleaning cages and general areas
  • Restocking supplies (food, litter, applications)
  • Feeding and socializing cats.
9 cages are cleaned in one shift -- approximately 2- 3 hours per shift

Assist in the Route 9 location by:

  • Cleaning cages, dog kennels and free roaming cat room/kitten corral
  • Cleaning of general areas, including doing laundry, dishes, sweeping and mopping floors.
  • Dog walking.

 5 dog kennels, 2 quarantine rooms, puppy room, cat roaming room, kitten corral --approximately 4 hours per shift (depends on number of animals and number of volunteers on shift)

Thrift Store Personnel (777 Fischer Boulevard, Toms River)

    The store is our main source of revenue to provide for the health, welfare and finding great homes for our animals.  

  • Accepting items from the public.
  • Cleaning and tagging them for sale.
  • Be a liaison between the public to learn our our organization.
Fundraising and Event Coordinators

Organize and coordinate fundraising and adoption events.  Publicize though social and public media outlets.

If you are interested in any of below positions, please complete the application found here