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Partner Agencies

Application Information


           Shore Animal Volunteer Enterprise recognizes the benefits associated with networking with other animal protection agencies and individuals participating in re-homing of companion animals. We also recognize the potential pitfalls in such networking. It is not appropriate or responsible for any shelter to release animals simply for the sake of saving their lives.  We must be assured that the permanent placement of the animals will be in his/her best interest AND in the best interest of the adopter and the community. To maximize the benefits to the animals we are attempting to place, we use the following protocol for working with "placement partners" and "partner agencies".


Partner agencies are established not-for-profit animal protection organizations. Such agencies either have animal sheltering facilities or use "foster" or "haven" homes to house animals awaiting permanent placements.

In working with partner agencies (hereafter referred to as "partners"), S.A.V.E. will adhere strictly to the following policies:

  • Animals will be released from SAVE to qualifying "partners" only as a last resort when they it would benefit the animal to do so. Some examples may be but are not limited to; feral cats,  FELV positive or cats with specific behavior or medical issues.
  • At all times SAVE prefers and will encourage and entertain referrals of potential adopters from "partners".
  • Animals will be released to "partners" only at the discretion of SAVE .
    1. Animals will be released to individuals who have been approved and certified by a "partner" and by SAVE. A listing of such individuals will be maintained at the shelter and will be updated at least monthly.
    2. All animals will de-wormed and vaccinated prior to release. "Partners" must agree the animal is to be spayed/neutered prior to release. If animal has not been altered, an appointment will be made at a local low cost Veterinary office and the pet will be released at that location at the expense of the "partner". *
    3. The "partner" must notify SAVE of the name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail address/web site, and any other pertinent information which applies to both the foster care provider AND the person(s) with whom the animal is ultimately permanently placed.
    4. SAVE reserves the right to reclaim any animal from a "partner" or from a permanent placement if, in our opinion, the animal is improperly cared for, is at risk, or was released/adopted under false pretence.
    5. SAVE reserves the right to refuse/release any animal or terminate our relationship with any "partner" we feel has not abided by our guidelines.
    6.  No animal that has bitten any person or attacked another animal in an unprovoked manner will be eligible for release to a "partner".


     SAVE will only work in cooperation with "partners" with whom a prior formal relationship has been established. The following qualifications must be met.:  

  • Adoption requirements must be at least as stringent as those followed by the SAVE. 
  • The partner must submit copies of written adoption guidelines/policies, adoption applications, adoption contracts, foster home qualifications, follow up procedures, picture ID, and two community references (at least one of whom must be a Veterinarian.).
  • SAVE reserves the right to inspect the premises upon which any released animal will be (or is being) housed (including foster homes).
  • SAVE and the "Partners" will strive to best meet the needs of the animals by working together in a collegial manner. To this end "partners" shall appoint contact persons assigned to work with SAVE.

For further information on becoming a Placement Partner or Partner Agency please call SAVE 732-288-2884.


                     "Partners" working together to save lives!

Please let us agree that we have the same goals are doing our best to help these animals find forever homes. This being said, we ask that when working together with "partners" and contacts, all parties should maintain a professional demeanor (pleasant, cordial and respectful). If we cannot maintain a professional and productive relationship this endeavor could never work.




*If interested in joining our team open the Partner Application and

Veterinarian Reference Form on the sidebar and print up.

When you complete all the necessary paperwork mail or fax to:


777 Fischer Blvd.

Toms River NJ 08753

Phone (732) 288-2884


Thank You!





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