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Animal Success Stories
Dear S.A.V.E:
I want to tell you how happy we are with our newly adopted cat, Shelly!(formerly "Little Kitty"). I would like to thank Diane for calling me immediately upon receiving Shelly, noting that she was EVERYTHING we were looking for in a cat on our application, which is very hard to find. We wanted a front declaw, fixed, 2-6 year old, good with dogs and with kids. Shelly was exactly that! Within 2 days of her being given up for adoption, she is now part of our family. I never imagined being so happy, having a cat that headbutts, and rubs, and purrs and even started nestling up into our chest and neck to sleep with us the very first night! She is even coming up to our Golden Retriever, which started out with minor hissing, but is now a cute little "meow" as she passes him. Diane's follow up calls to see how Shelly is adjusting shows your agency's true dedication to these helpless animals. Thank you for all you do, God Bless....from the Kovalewich Family and S helly, Point Pleasant, NJ.

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